SILVER SWEETHEARTS Out Now from Desert Breeze Publishing

Susan Marie Van Pelt escapes from the family brownstone in New York City to join her papa on his silver claim in Nevada. Jed Miller buried his partner, Digger Van Pelt a month before Susan shows up.

Jed and Susan must work together to get the silver out of the ground and keep it out of the clutches of Fox, the local lawyer and all around villain. When he sets his sights on Susan, she proposes a marriage of convenience to Jed.

Can he wed her without bedding her? Can they work the claim together with him digging and her cooking--not too well at first--and go their separate ways? Can Jed keep her safe from Fox and his henchmen?

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Lawyer Fox gripped Susan’s arm to hold her in place, not gently but authoritatively. "Hear me out." His tone of voice matched the hand on her arm. "I'd be happy to provide that service for my wife."

Susan gasped, but instead of air she inhaled the heavy scent of greasy pomade.

"And as your husband, I'd be eligible to provide the ten days work on the claim as required of a claimant."

She pulled against his arm. "And as my husband, you'd no doubt be entitled to my share of the claim, unlike my partnership with Jed."

"I don't want your claim." He slid his hand up her arm.

She shuddered as a picture flashed before her. Cousin James had a terrified maid backed against the garden wall with his hand up her skirt. He murmured, "You know you like it."

The satisfied tone of Cousin James' voice blended with Mr. Fox's as he continued his presentation. "In Nevada a woman retains her rights to the property she owned before marriage. The claim would remain yours. Together we could reap the profits from your claim and my businesses. Then we could move to Carson City and take our place in society. You'd have a proper home to oversee."

Susan stared at him. Had the man gone mad? Was he dangerous? Though a small man, his grip was strong. She must handle the situation carefully. "I'm sorry if I misled you by giving you the impression I looked on you as a suitor."

His dark eyes hardened, and he scowled down on her.

Susan swallowed. "Although this marriage sounds more like a business proposition."

"Don't worry. I have far more interesting reasons for wishing to marry you." He grasped her other arm and pulled her out of the chair against him.

She felt smothered in his wiry grasp.