December 9,2012

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June 5, 2012


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December 11, 2011

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September, 2011

Where do authors get ideas for stories? That's the question I get most often and it always surprises me because almost everything gives me an idea. I guess that's why I'm a writer.

I look at the morning paper and instead of saying to myself, "What a tragedy!" I say, "That would make a good crime for a romantic suspense novel." Terrible, I know.

Or I get an invitation to a class reunion and I say, "I wonder if Jeff will be there and if he's married or available and even if he isn't, I could write a story about catching up with an old love.

I've been trying to improve my computer skills, but I'm still a babe. I sent a message to my web mistress and titled myself--Untechy Me. Now isn't that a good idea for a story about a woman who's always crashing her computer and the geek (good looking of course) who comes to her rescue?

I'm looking out my window at the restaurant below and a woman has come out to lean against the wall. She must be a cook because she has on a big white apron over her white pants and shirt. At least the apron was probably white this morning but now it has a big grease stain on it. She jerks off her plastic cap and shakes out her long dark hair. Is she a single mother supporting a secret baby? Does she want to be a chef in a five star restaurant some day? Is she waiting for her Marine sweetheart to come back from Afghanistan? 

They're all possibilities.

My trouble as you can see isn't having ideas but finding the time to write them.
My next three books are set in Julian, California and my next blog will tell you how I got the idea for them.

Coming in November: Nina's Niche

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