Holiday Tales -- Jackie Leigh Allen

Holiday Tales

First alien contact comes as a summons to Lunar Night Court. Mining on Uranus produces an utterly unexpected product. A vacation in Paris to reconnect with a lover ends in a surprise. An Italian family Christmas celebration and midnight Mass don’t go exactly as planned. The neighborhood boys who think the man next door is Santa aren’t far wrong. Every holiday story includes special recipes. Team Five’s authors have collected a melange of ten holiday tales that span genres and expectations. Along with tasty holiday treats. Don’t wait to sample these solstice delights.

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Reno Rebel -  Jackie Allen

Reno Rebel

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The Sheriff Gets His Woman -- Jackie Leigh Allen

The Sheriff gets his Woman


Set in Reno, Utah Territory in 1852


Someone tied little Willie a tree, leaving him to freeze to death. Ever the brave one, Fiona Ryan comes to his rescue, incurring the wrath of Sheriff Pete Donaldson. She had no idea his ire came from Pete's fear for her.


They work together to take care of Willie and find out who was responsible for leaving him out in the cold. Pete thinks the romance is going great, but Fiona wants to be courted properly. She wants to hear those three little words.


The villain decides to get rid of Fiona by kidnapping her. It's all her sheriff can do to rescue Fiona, but he still has to say those three little words.

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Behind the Red Door -- Jackie Allen

Behind the Red Door

San Francisco 1879

Celia Harper, widowed and penniless, is running the last vestige of her dead husband’s empire, the Harper Hotel.

Gambler Andrew Macleod is running from three toughs who think he cheated them in a poker game when he sights the Harper Hotel and heads inside for cover.

Celia doesn’t trust men after the drunk she married on her papa’s advice, but Andrew holds a paper giving him forty-nine percent of the hotel, which he won from her husband so she must deal with him.

The last straw for Celia is Andrew’s desire to build a casino behind The Red Door. Can she give up what is left of her status for a successful hotel and maybe a successful marriage?

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A Hunger for Love -- Jackie Allen


Loss, Lies, Love.

Loss: Vince Lomelli lost the job he loved and cooks at the family restaurant. His daughter lost her hearing. He lost his wife, perhaps not a great loss since she lied constantly.

Lies: Hope Henderson renews her friendship with Vince Lomelli by teaching his daughter sign language. Just when it looks as if he might see her as more than a friend, he accuses her of lying to him.

Love: When Vince’s family urges him to go for Hope, he refuses to be pushed. Then Hope has a new suitor and Vince must listen to his heart, confess his love, or lose her.

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A Thirst for Love -- Jackie Allen


Deception. Desire. Danger.

Set in historic San Francisco during the Chinese Riots of 1877.

Deception: Walter Willis hoards a family secret that will change the lives of Charles and Grace.

Desire: When Charles Gordon hires Grace Smith he sees a girl in need. Then she turns out to be a woman of many talents and desire blooms.

Danger: Grace led a precarious life until she met Charles and just when everything seems to be going smoothly all is threatened by betrayal and the cultural war that tears the great city apart.

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An Unsuitable Husband


1876, San Francisco

Sylvia Bishop, proper young, well not so young, socialite needs a husband. Her father’s selection is handsome and rich but also too old, too dull and worst all too managing.

Her German and writing professor George Friedman, impresses her with his physique, even shrouded in an old tweed suit, his concern for his students and most of all his encouragement to write what’s in her heart.

When her father sees George in red tights putting on his acrobatic performance, Mr. Bishop tightens the reins on Sylvia and pushes for an early marriage to the man of his choice.

Can Sylvia take a big step away from the life she’s known to spend her life with the man she has come to love? Can she convince her father that George is not An Unsuitable Husband?

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THE ROGUE'S REVENGE Out Now from Desert Breeze Publishing

Adam Maguire sets himself up as a gambler in 1875 San Francisco as a means to find the robbers who killed his family and dole out his own form of justice.

He rescues Celestine Miller, a preacher’s daughter, in the Barbary Coast and starts a double life as a financier at the preacher’s chapel and a gambler seeking revenge for past wrongs.

Can Celestine and Adam forge a life together when she wants love and he wants retribution?

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SILVER SWEETHEARTS Out Now from Desert Breeze Publishing

Susan Marie Van Pelt escapes from the family brownstone in New York City to join her papa on his silver claim in Nevada. Jed Miller buried his partner, Digger Van Pelt a month before Susan shows up.

Jed and Susan must work together to get the silver out of the ground and keep it out of the clutches of Fox, the local lawyer and all around villain. When he sets his sights on Susan, she proposes a marriage of convenience to Jed.

Can he wed her without bedding her? Can they work the claim together with him digging and her cooking--not too well at first--and go their separate ways? Can Jed keep her safe from Fox and his henchmen?

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Red-hot Valentine

Red-hot Valentine -- Boroughs Publishing

A Valentine's Day costume party ends up revealing the true desires of a seemingly-shallow Hollywood actress and the handsome hometown hunk she never knew was just what she needed.

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Haunted Heart Hotel

Haunted Heart Hotel, -- Coming February 13, 2013 from Desert Breeze Publishing

Susan Miller had a job she loved in a La Jolla hotel where she planned holiday events and arranged wedding receptions and never, ever made beds. Now her mom needs help with the family hotel in Virginia City, Nevada. Somehow Susan has to pull the Haunted Heart Hotel into the twenty-first century without losing its nineteenth century charm and without spending any money.

Jesse Barnes is the loan officer who must play the villain in this melodrama. After his parents died when he was twelve, he grew up in foster care and is determined to show the world he can be a solid citizen even if it means foreclosing on a woman he’s come to more than admire.

When they begin to care for each other they must make some big decisions about where and in what jobs they will be most fulfilled, and of course, who will be beside them through life.

Project Homecoming

Project Homecoming, -- Out Now from Desert Breeze Publishing

Brian O’Neill returns from Afghanistan ready to take up his surgical practice, but PTSD interferes.

rustrated at not being able to help people, he leaps at the opportunity to work at Project Homecoming with a group of ex-service people who assist returning veterans with disabilities to get on with their civilian lives.

Nat Rodriguez walks tall with her prosthetic legs, well, as tall as she ever was at five foot four. She wants a job, not pity, thank you very much, and she challenges Brian to include women vets in the project.

For two people who want the same thing, they have a hard time working together until Nat’s soft yet stubborn way turns Brian’s surgical cool hot.

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A Real Man

A Real Man, -- Out Now from Boroughs Publishing Group

Who says accidents are all bad?

What if the EMT is a gorgeous hunk who wants to take care of all your boo-boos?

Then it's accidental love.

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Sherry's Success, Julian Treasures Book Three -- Out Now from Desert Breeze Publishing

Sherry Johnson Hill voted most beautiful girl in the senior class, married to Ensign Sam Hill at Annapolis, and proud recipient of the realtor of the year trophy for 2008 is forced to return to Julian, the small town she couldn't get out of fast enough at eighteen. WillTom Stratton, who thinks Julian is a great place to raise his two kids be able to keep Sherry there?


Win's War

Win's War --Out Now from Desert Breeze Publishing

Win Johnston was tall, dark and handsome before he lost both legs in Afghanistan. He's still dark and handsome though his smile is a little one-sided from a scar on his lip. His dark eyes can change from malted milk chocolate to hard dark chocolate in an instant when he thinks about the woman who sent him a Dear John letter because she valued her career more than him. He was raised by his grandfather as the third generation of Marines and has lived to serve and protect. Somehow he will do that again.

Emily Fisher thought she’d be a doctor like her father until her mother produced a son when Emily was ten. Now Emily works as a physical therapist at Naval Medical Center San Diego and saves her money for med school. She is devoted to helping the men and women who protect our country return to active participants in life. Her sister's faithless husband who uses his combat injuries to gain sympathy and sex has inoculated Emily against any romantic involvement with the men she works with. She can hold out against their physical pain, but when they show emotional pain that’s another story.


Carol's Choice

Carol's Choice -- Out Now from Desert Breeze Publishing

Carol James dyes her brown hair bright red and dares anyone to pity her for making a bad choice in a man the first time around. She's determined to make a success of her family's general store without losing her free spirit status. Seeing old friends, spying from her tree house and sticking her nose into town projects keep her busy, but not too busy to spend time with Dan Barker.

Dan Barker, the deputy sheriff for Julian, California has had the hots for Carol since high school, but he couldn't compete with the captain of the football team then. Now Dan's determined to make Carol his by Valentine's Day, but his past trips him up.


Ninas Niche

Nina's Niche -- Out now from Desert Breeze Publishing

Nina Jones sets out to break every rule on her Nice Girl List. Running off the road and winding up in the arms of the town bad boy Jake Anderson is a good start. She checks body piercing, (bad idea) getting drunk, (worse idea) and dating Jake (great idea) off her list.

Jake's tired of that bad boy label and he wants more than a fling with Nice Nina. He works hard on the town food drive, collects toys for tots and helps Nina reconnect with her long lost sister. He even helps her find her niche as Nice and Sexy Nina.


An Officer and a Gigolo

An Officer and a Gigolo -- Out now from Desert Breeze Publishing

A sorrow, a secret, a surprise, a sacred vow.

An Officer and a Gigolo has all these things. Felicia has the sorrow; Ramon (who’s not really a gigolo) has the secret. As for the surprise and the sacred vow, come along on their cruise around South America and find out.